The POW Journal of Thornton V. Sigler

photo Toward the end of World War II my grandfather, Thornton V. Sigler, a captain in the US Army was held as a prisoner of war at Oflag 64. During this time he kept a journal. It was no small risk to do so. According to one entry, he states, "This book was illegal! Had I been caught with it, I could have been shot. It was smuggled into camp by some ingenious method of which I am unaware. At least 20 of us got one."

As a piece of history I wanted to share this journal with the world. I have photographed each page and posted it to For more information please email me at:

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Brief Timeline

On 6.June.1944 my Grandfather landed on the shores of France as part of the invasion of Normandy in World War II.

On 6.Aug.1944 he was taken prisoner by the Germans during the liberation of Vire, France.

On the 15.Sep.1944 he arrived as POW #85549, a "Kriegie", at Oflag 64 in Shubin, Poland

On the 20.Jan.1945 the POWs were marched 450 miles in the freezing cold from Shubin to eventually arrive at Luckenwalde on 1.Feb.1945

On 21.April.1945 the Germans abandoned the camp leaving it to the prisoners

The next day, 22.April, the Russians arrived and assumed command

My Grandfather and the other Americans at the camp were returned to an American checkpoint on 1.Jun.1945 and he finally returned home to his wife and son (my father) on 26.Jun.1945

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